Are Kevin's shorts basketball shorts or bike shorts or...? They're really tiny for basketball shorts but they're too flowy for bike shorts. They look like athletic booty shorts.

I figured they were just generic shorts, but basketball shorts sounds good. Everything’s tiny on the leg section of Eds characters, so it’s hard to judge.

Hey Kevin, i grew up in Burbank (THE ANIMATION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) where CartoonNet work studios is located, so Ed Edd n Eddy was very beloved by everyone i knew.(even if it was only produced and not animated in town) but the animators from the studio even used to visit us in school. So your blog kinda means a lot to me. Its like growing up in animation city again!


(also thank you and that’s awesome!!)

What if the Eds truly exist, but in a completely different universe/reality? o: Obviously, considering their laws of physics are different than ours. They're all made of putty, after all...

That’s how I think of it while analyzing!  It’s not realistic in the same sense as ours, but it’s got some sort of nature and order to it, even if full of chaotic retcons.

I always got mad when I was a kid because I was like the only girl in my group of friends who liked the show. All my other friends would go "oh it's stupid I hate that show" but they didn't even really watch it. They didn't understand!

I hated when I was the Eds’ age and all my classmates started acting like cartoons were so behind them, but in that obvious “i’m just faking and i’ll be endlessly nostalgic for them again in 2 years” way.

Which kid can you do the best voice impression of?

Probably Jimmy because it’s mostly a falsetto.  I can do a mean Rolf saying “COLONIAL” in ‘Too Smart For HIs Own Ed’, though.

the movie singlehandedly turned eddy into my favorite tbh


I have a question about how it says "FUCK DIGITAL" in Big Picture Show, if they can say FUCK than how come the Kankers are always talking about kissing the Eds when they should be talking about FUCKing the Eds, is there a reason they chose that instead?


On A Twist Of Ed, there is a spot where Marie shakes under Ed's arm. The EEnE Wiki says it's an error, and I say it's Marie's reaction to Ed raising his arms. What do you think?

It’s just choppy animation.  It does look kinda glitchy, but I think it’s another example of the season 4 animators not being as strong as the earlier ones.  The storyboard probably asked them to make her shiver and the animators just did two frames (this is from memory, i’m not actually checking how many different drawings there are right now).

A good portion of this fandom doesn't like Eddy because he's "a jerk", but this fandom seems to LOVE Bro (who the BIGGEST butt-hat in the history of ever!) What's up with that?

I think Bro’s fandom mainly consists of Eddy’s fans, though, because Bro’s existence informs Eddy’s character.  It also probably has a few people who are attracted to killers, cuz… y’know, bad boys and whatnot.  Eddy’s not legitimately smooth enough to generate that sort of fan attraction.

People who don’t like Eddy usually consist of people who didn’t watch the whole series or only watched Edd the whole time.  Now that the movie exists, it’s basically just a game of “you don’t like Eddy?  go watch the movie.  and i mean really pay attention.”

I always liked that there was never "no homo" within the ed group

Well there was “I’D TELL YA I LOVE YA, ED, BUT I AIN’T THAT KINDA GUY” but normally yeah, the Eds are super comfortable and don’t question anything.