Momma's Little Ed, right at the end when Double Dee shows Eddy his feet, his foot and leg are coloured like Eddy's skin instead of his own while his hand/arm is ok lol. Also, Eddy seems to know quite a bit about Edd's bedtime habits.

Yep, there are a lot of weird color errors like that in the show (I kinda love it, haha).  I wish we knew if Edd was telling the truth about those habits or if it was just a long con revenge scheme.

I always assumed that the scam in Big Picture Show was some sort of fair like contraption that went wrong. Like a mini Ed fairground with a mixture of a parade float attraction. One of the major things that went wrong with it is that Eddy pushed the red button(as cartoon logic goes. NEVER press the red button).

That works!  I think of it as a magic show with a fair surrounding it (mostly for merchandise), since Nazz seemed to be part of saw-in-half trick. I’d imagine the traps that injured Jonny and Rolf were part of a planned escape artist trick and the general explosion damage being part of a big finale mechanical trick (or maybe a light show since we don’t see much mechanical stuff in the aftermath) that Eddy pressed the wrong button for.

Don't if this has been asked before (if so, I apologize). Do you read fanfiction? If so, what are your favorites/ones you would recommend? If not, why not? :)

I don’t really read fanfiction much, my headcanons are too personal for me to get into many other fanons.  I’M TERRIBLE.

I love Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed because of Kevin and Rolf interacting.

I love it cuz Kevin being a loser!!!

as much as i want to ship eddeddy, i just never have enjoyed it all that much. i want to, saying as it was apparently sorta canon according to several facts on your blog, but i just can't figure it out. is there any way you can think of to help me either actually understand the ship or at least make me think better of it?

In the early episodes, the Eds are super nice to each other and safe together, and the implication is that it’s been that way since they were babies and things have only gotten bad during the show’s timeline (mostly covering only 5 months).  While people associate Edd and Eddy with being on the rocks as they are in later episodes, the truth (particularly featured in the movie and the last few eps) is that Edd obviously remembers that not too long ago, AND for most of his life, he could trust Eddy (and Ed) when he could trust no one else and believes that Eddy’s not the sociopath he pretends to be.  Eddy ends up admitting it himself in the end; that he cares about his friends, that he feels bad when the kids get hurt, that he hates himself, and that he’s extremely confused about his relationship with Bro.  So now that he’s finally opened up, the Eds can rebuild their group dynamics and EddEddy can flourish more healthily, at whatever pace they see fit.  I think of EddEddy as an integral part of all three Eds, it supports Ed and allows him to develop because they fill the role of his neglectful parents (and season 6 surprisingly had a bunch of plans for Ed-centric episodes, likely due to Edd and Eddy butting heads less).

On the non-dramatic side, EddEddy’s also just about how they flirt with each other for no reason all the time:




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I actually feel bad for Jonny, especially after BPS. I just felt that everyone should have had a happy ending, except for Eddy's brother.

Yeah… There are enough episodes/endings in the series where Jonny’s either mean to the Eds for no reason or allows Plank to be mean to the Eds for no reason, even though he’s supposed to be their closest friend in the kids, so I don’t MIND it being there and it serves the purpose of proving the kids’ devotion to the Eds now.  But I still expected everyone but Bro to get a happy ending.

Plus they deleted stuff that I feel was important to Jonny’s story (not saying til the movie analysis, deleted because of budget and time limit, etc etc) so I feel like making him the main character in the end lost most of its intended weight.

I know your least favorite Ep is Sorry Wrong Ed, and I understand that, I'm not too fond of it either. But my least favorite is Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed. I just HATE the part where the sewer backs up and gushes out into the cul-de-sac! Yuck! Disgusting toilet sewage! And poor, poor Edd! I sympathize with him, being a fellow mysophobe. I hated Jonny because of that episode! I'm glad no one likes him anymore after BPS! >:(

i like Boom Boom a lot, i’m actually analyzing the sewer’s first appearance right now and noting how the show always remarkably depicts the sewage as just green water rather than anything legitimately gross.  Sorry it bugs you though!  Flapjack had a way more realistic sewer episode so I’m always like “glad that wasn’t Eds!”  The Eds don’t need any more “this is a gross out show” publicity.

edit: felt i should clarify, I love BBOGTE because it’s all about highlighting little things about the character dynamics that often get ignored in later episodes.

I find it Ironic that Eddy wants more Body hair yet, He is afraid of Growing Up

Me too!  Really the whole show is about the Eds wanting to grow up but not being able to handle it, so I guess it’s an intentional conflict of interests.

I actually got to watch all if not most of the 4th season the other day thanks to my friends Netflix and you weren't kidding that its a more violent towards Eddy then the other seasons! you can really tell, specially after watching every episode like that, jeeze...

i remember the first half of the season aired separate from the rest and it was pretty fine. Then the next half aired way later, and it was suddenly super violent and mean and off-putting.  I feel like it became an extra stressful school year just because I was so unsatisfied with what were going to be the final episodes of my favorite show.  And then half a year later the season finale popped out all alone and it was pretty good, but at that point the specials and two extra seasons had been picked up so I wasn’t as worried about how it ended anymore.