I used to think Patrick Star was the dumbest cartoon character, but after seeing this show, I'm strongly convinced Ed is.

Chip and Skip!  Stimpy!  Two Stupid Dogs!!!  There are too many options to choose from…

Why do you think Season 5 began to show stuff like adult hands and silhouettes of other kids? Was is foreshadowing for Bro's appearance in the movie?

They didn’t know they’d ever be making a movie when they started adding off-screen characters, so not intentionally (but they did avoid showing Bro’s face for a few shots in the movie in reference to how all other new characters had been handled thus far). 

I figured that after deciding to take the kids out of summer and into school, AKA knew they needed a solution to the loneliness and gradually integrated psuedo-extras into the series. I’m so glad the movie escalated it to an entire crowd-scene AND a full-body new character.  I wonder if they’d try and evolve the setting any further or if BPS should be the show’s stopping point for new characters/locations.

I love how Marie and Jonny have an ongoing feud haha

me tooooo, i wish the Jonny vs Kankers saga had a conclusion

How strong to you think the Kankers are individually? They've mostly only shown their powerfulness in a group, never alone. True the Kankers might not have gotten a lot of individual development, but I am curious as to how much you think Lee, Marie and May can hold on their own without each others' support.

They’re definitely similar characters to Ed, Rolf or Sarah, so they could probably lift up houses and cars individually if they wanted.

Speaking of the Kankers’ mom, She seems like a trashy man-hater who sleeps around a lot, and the one responsible for her daughters being they way they are. I really think she's the worst of all parents, though Ed's mom is a close second

My theory is that she got close to Bro and it ruined her whole personality/life (unless she’s more happy than the sisters recollect?).  But it is ALSO interesting if she’s just coincidentally similar to Bro, hmmm…

I feel bad for disliking Marie! I just feel like she has no redeeming qualities. I like all the other "bad" characters, I love Lee and Kevin and I even like Sarah to a degree, but I think it's because they've had moments of kindness while Marie is generally cruel. She's pretty much another Lee but meaner and less supportive of May. I just feel bad because I know she has the same struggles as her sisters and all.

I just wish we knew more about Marie

The Kanker sisters (and Sarah) in a roller derby team though. :D

I want more Sarah hanging out with the Kankers than Sarah hanging out with Nazz!

Ever read the Ed Fanon wiki?


Personally, the first time I saw the movie I expected Bro to either flat-out refuse to help Eddy or ask him money for his protection or something. Long story short, I expected him to be a real jerk but the BPS took my expectations up to eleven.

I always knew he’d be the reason Eddy’s so terrible and honestly feared they wouldn’t confirm it on-screen, because a LOT of people were still caught of guard.

Even though things turned out all right in the end, a part of me was hoping Bro would turn out to be a responsible person and help correct the bullying situation in the cul-de-sac. It would have been unrealistic but I really hoped all the build-up pointing to him being a deadbeat would be a thing of the past and he would be a reformed person. I just wanted Eddy to end up with a supportive adult to protect him but instead he got a broken family and continued abuse.

I don’t think there are enough people who got that Eddy was lying about his good times with Bro for a “Bro’s better now” ending to work.  It would prevent us from seeing how serious a situation this has been for Eddy and excuse Bro too much.  Fans don’t usually have much empathy for Eddy unless they’re being spoonfed his backstory, unfortunately.